St. Paul, Minnesota is where Champps began. A modest little restaurant, it was the kind of place where locals met up to catch the game and where neighbors became friends. A place where Midwestern values were generously shared with everyone. We’re people people. We serve our own take on American comfort food. And we do it with equal parts pride and grace. That’s our story. And it’s a delicious one.

Champps. Your Bar.

What does it mean to be from America’s heartland? It means you’ve been raised to look at life with an appreciation for the little things. The value of a hard day’s work. The comfort of sharing a meal with friends and family. At Champps, we’re proud of our Midwestern heritage. And we continue to uphold the same values that we began with back in Minnetonka, Minnesota, so many years ago.

True, we’re no longer a single neighborhood location, but we’re still very much a family. We continue to take pride in preparing made-to-order comfort food every day. And we continue to serve it with warmth. A smile. A laugh. An appreciation for all of the little things that make life worthwhile. Come make yourself comfortable. We’ll treat you like family. Welcome home to Champps.